Our Methodology

Developed over the last 20+ years, our methodology is a bit special. It's a deep, robust process that repeatedly converts more browsers into buyers - delivering a stronger ROI than any other marketing spend.
There's no "magic bullets" to successful growth, but our clients say this is probably the next best thing...

Our Methodology:

Conversion Architecture

Our own methodology, Conversion Architecture, is a unique approach to CRO that has been developed over the last 20+ years. It combines deep data heuristics, neuromarketing, UX, customer psychology profiling and a robust ‘test and optimise’ process. It is also proven to be the most successful step-by-step process for increasing online conversion rates and marketing ROI for B2B organisations.



We use a combination of quantitative data tools to do this, first from your web analytics and marketing automation platforms and then adding in heat-mapping technology, click tracking, and session recordings to give us the full picture.

Our consultants are experts at analysing all of that data to understand, with pinpoint accuracy, where all of the problems are.

Advanced qualitative research, such as surveys, interviews and front-line workshops complete the data gathering. We have a range of tools and techniques that help us to analyse the ‘voice of the customer’ to build a complete picture of what your prospects think, feel, fear and aspire to during the research and purchase of your products and services.

Conversion Personas


Neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision-making and uses this knowledge to improve marketing’s effectiveness.

You already know a lot about your target customers… age, gender, geo-location, job title, role within the company, purchase history, browser/ device preferences and so on.

But how much do you know about why they buy? Or, more importantly, why they don’t buy?

All humans are emotionally driven (just as much in B2B as B2C) and emotions drive our decisions, therefore making all of us slightly irrational. However, thanks to evolution, certain groups of us that share base traits (for example job role) are all irrational in much the same way. And that allows us to understand, predict and influence the buying decisions and online behaviour for each of your audience segments.

We combine the wealth of data we have generated from the previous phase with our own neuro-mapping heuristics to create your conversion-focused Personas: common segments of your target audience that share common goals, thinking and psychological profiles.

The output is your Strategy Roadmap, which combines everything we’ve learned about your business and customers: what the problems are, where they are, why they’re wrong for each of your audiences and how to fix them by giving your audience exactly what they want and need in order to move forward through the sales funnel.

Testing &


The Strategy Roadmap forms the basis of the actual optimisation process.

Our consultants will use it to create the hypothesis and testing calendar, based on the potential impact of the test, importance of the page in each of your funnels and how complex the changes will be to implement. This makes certain that we are always going for the improvements that have the largest potential impact on leads and sales.

We insist on running all of our suggestions through a split test, usually an A/B test. We can design and develop these test pages (or supply detailed wireframes to your preferred agency), loading them into the testing software and perform rigorous QC checks. Once we make it live, the software takes care of the whole backend process, automatically splitting the traffic out and generating live reports on performance. Your audience will have not idea they are participating in a test.

Our agile approach enables us to simultaneously conduct tests through multiple funnels – meaning we can rapidly make dramatic improvements to your business performance.

"A stunning visualisation of our complex and diverse customer groups that has given us a 1380% ROI in 6 months. Conversion rates are through the roof on every campaign now that we are working from their roadmap. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending that you use Impact to build yours too."

Cahir O’DohertyHead of Digital Marketing, Ricoh UK & Ireland

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